Our History

Woodside Vineyards has been credited with being one of the first wineries to pioneer the "boutique winery" movement in California and we are the oldest winery in San Mateo County.  Our grapes are farmed from 24 sites within the Woodside township, some of them over a century old.

Our premium Cabernet wines come from the legendary La Questa vines, planted by E.H. Rixford in 1884.  When other California wine producers were selling their wine in bulk, Rixford was cultivating his La Questa vines that were hand-carried from France and producing wine in the tradition of the famed Chateau Margaux winery.   These wines won a gold medal in San Francisco in 1915.  The richness of this tradition is still evident in the elegant, hand-crafted, estate-grown wines that we produce today.

Our founder, Bob Mullen began producing wine from little more than one acre of grapes at the original Winery, 340 Kings Mountain Road, in 1960.  Three years later the winery became bonded, or licensed, to sell Bob's creations.  Today Bob and our full-time winemaker, Brian Caselden, produce nearly 3,000 cases a year.  Since 1960, we have grown to manage, harvest and produce wines from over 17 acres throughout the Woodside community.  In January 2010, Bob sold majority interest in Woodside Vineyards to Louis "Buff" Giurlani.  Buff was born and raised on the peninsula and currently resides in Woodside.  

Along with his business partner, Dick Burns, Buff conceived the idea of starting a storage facility for both fine Automobiles and Wines and created AutoVino.  AutoVino and Woodside Vineyards now share a common home at 205 Constitution Drive in Menlo Park.  The idea of including a winery in the business model captured the imagination of Buff, Dick and Bob. It took a while to work out the details, but the new partners are motivated to take Woodside Vineyards to the next level of production, sales and profitability.  Throughout this growth and change, we have maintained our focus on tradition and the personal touch of winemaking.

In addition to winemaking, we have been developing vineyards for residents of Woodside for 12 years.  From design, installation and maintenance, we pay close attention to the intricacies of plant, soil, water, and topography management to ensure that the vineyards produce grapes to our winemaking standards.

Woodside Vineyards

Woodside Vineyards
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